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There is 1 active Association project in the Crown Harbor community.

external repairs
Repair List
Associa On Call Exterior Repairs

Follow the link to see the inspection report (PDF) for the siding repairs. The password for the file is the same one that is used for the Crown Harbor Directory. The report includes some items that are owner responsibility (garage doors for example). The report separates out the items that owners are responsible for versus what the association is responsible for. The items highlighted in green are suspected to be owner responsibility (.e., doors), and the items highlighted in pink (i.e., window related) need clarification from Project Services to determine if they are owner or association responsibility.

There are 4 public projects in the works that are relevant to the Crown Harbor community.

central Central Avenue Project
federal Crab Cove Expansion
naval base Old Naval Base

There are 2 completed Association projects in the Crown Harbor community.

roofs Roof Replacement Project
big flush Sewer Lateral Clog Prevention Project

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